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Topic: Infrared Electrical Inspection

What is an infrared electrical inspection? It is a method of inspecting electrical service equipment for overloaded circuits, defective components and poor connections. Detecting potential electrical failures and taking corrective action will prevent interruption of normal system operation. An infrared electrical inspection is a cost-effective means to keep your property operating.

It’s difficult to determine if there’s a ticking time bomb within your electrical system. With the help of Horizon Lighting and our highly advanced heat detecting infrared cameras, problems can be detected and repaired before equipment fails.

Every 12 months at a minimum, an infrared inspection should be scheduled to pinpoint potential problems before failure occurs. We can help reduce downtime or even worse, complete system failure.

Infrared Electrical Inspection:

·      Determines if components and system have been properly installed

·      Increases safety

·      Reduces downtime

·      Saves money

·      Reduces liability

·      Improves system performance

·      Reduces risk of equipment failure

·      Improves Insurability 

·      Reduces construction schedule delays

And more…

If you have a remodeled or commercial building or are installing maintaining or upgrading your commercial power system, feel free to give us a call to set up an infrared electrical inspection.

We serve all of Southern California as well as the San Francisco/Bay Area. 


TOPIC: Infrared Electrical Inspection