Lighting MaintenanceToday we’d like to discuss Lighting Maintenance.

Although, it’s far from all we do, it is one of our specialties.  Here at Horizon Lighting, we offer custom tailored Lighting Maintenance contracts to suit your needs.  Your Home Owners Associations or Commercial Properties can determine how often each property is serviced.  Contracts can be issued for monthly service, twice monthly service, bi monthly service, or quarterly service.  Also, you can decide what areas we cover.  Lighting Maintenance service is done in either the late night hours, or very early morning hours so that we can not only look for any outages, but so that we do not disturb homeowners, or tenants.  Our technicians are highly skilled, uniformed electricians in clearly marked vehicles.

Why is Lighting Maintenance important?  Keeping your properties well lit is a safety measure for trip and fall incidents and also deters against theft and vandalism.  People just feel more protected when the lights are on.  Well maintained properties save money in the long run rather than letting costly repairs build up.  Preventative maintenance keeps a small problem from becoming a large one.  We also check for other potential issues and hazards when it comes to the lighting and electrical on the property and can provide recommendations and proposals for repairs. What if you have an emergency issue between visits?  Horizon Lighting is available 24 hours, seven days a week for any emergency condition.  We have the fastest response time of any lighting maintenance company in Southern California.

In today’s economy we know that cutting corners and doing without lighting maintenance might seem like a good option.  You really can’t afford to go without it.  The potential cost in liability far exceeds any savings there could potentially be.  We are bonded, insured and skilled.  It pays to leave it to the experts.

We’d be happy to meet onsite to discuss your options and what type of Lighting Maintenance contract suits your needs.  Also, if you request your proposal through the “Contact Us” page of our website at, you will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a deluxe sound system for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

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