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Lighting Maintenance Orange County

Topic: Lighting Maintenance Orange County.  Although Horizon Lighting serves almost all of Southern California, (as well as the San Francisco/Bay Area) today we’re going to talk about Orange County. Horizon was founded in Orange County, California in 1993 and primarily served the greater Orange County area. Little did we know then how much our small company would grow and how expansive our service area would become. Our growth can be attributed to our service. Our service is our number one priority. Horizon is a family owned and operated company with strong ethics and values. That shows in our quality of work. We not only offer Lighting Maintenance services in Orange County and beyond, we also provide a host of additional services including preventative maintenance programs. Keeping your property safe from electrical fire, falling poles and electrocution danger is of utmost urgency. We remain at the forefront of technology offering Ultra Sonic Pole Testing, Infrared Panel Inspections and GFI testing at your pool areas. We care about your safety. However, it all begins with Lighting Maintenance. It is important to have your property inspected routinely to not only keep it well maintained a lit, but to also look for other potential issues while onsite. Horizon will contact management to notify them of any issues found during our Lighting Maintenance check. A proposal will be provided for repairs recommended. It’s always best to find a potential problem before it becomes a real problem. 


Our services include, but are not limited to:

Commercial Lighting Repair & Maintenance

Retail Lighting Repair & Maintenance

HOA Lighting Repair & Maintenance

Electrical and Lighting Construction

Lighting Consulting and Design

Electrical and Lighting Repair

Infrared Panel Inspections

Ultra Sonic Pole Testing

Sign Lighting Repair

LED Retrofits

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or if you’d like to schedule and educational Lunch & Learn at your office to learn more. 1-877-HORIZON


Topic: Lighting Maintenance Orange County