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Lighting Maintenance Palm Desert

Topic: Lighting Maintenance Palm Desert. 

Horizon Lighting is the company to call for all your lighting maintenance needs in the Greater Palm Desert area.  Our quality of service is what sets us apart from the rest. Great service is our priority.  

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Commercial Lighting Repair & Maintenance

Retail Lighting Repair & Maintenance

HOA Lighting Repair & Maintenance

Electrical and Lighting Construction

Lighting Consulting and Design

Electrical and Lighting Repair

Infrared Panel Inspections

Ultra Sonic Pole Testing

Sign Lighting Repair

LED Retrofits

Although we built our name on Lighting Maintenance services, we are so much more. Horizon is in tune with the problems and situations which are unique to the desert. One example is underground wire corrosion. This is a desert wide problem on older properties. If you are concerned you may have this issue on your property give us a call. We can help! As most residents know, the desert climate is harsh. Lighting Maintenance is a priority as fixtures can take a beating. Sun, wind, heat and sand are unforgiving. Horizon will stay on top of it before issues become costly problems.

We are a family owned business with generations of lighting expertise. Our technicians are highly experienced. We wear clean professional uniforms.  Have you been charged extra for special high reach vehicles? Other companies might need to rent out special equipment to get to your high reach fixtures. That cost gets passed on to you. Horizon has a well maintained and stocked fleet of new and high reach vehicles at your service. All our vehicles are clearly marked with our Horizon Lighting logo so your homeowners will never need to question who is on their property in the dark of night.

Give us a call today to learn more or submit your request directly through our website. 


Topic: Lighting Maintenance Palm Desert