T12 Retrofit to T8If you are still using T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts it is time to schedule a T12 retrofit to T8.

If you haven’t already heard, the T12 fluorescent lamp systems are being phased out.  The T12 lamp has unfortunately become outdated and is far less energy efficient than the T8.  There is good news however! After the T12 retrofit to T8, you will receive energy savings as high as 45% with a 1 to 3 year payback.

Because manufacturers will be phasing out production of T12 lamps, costs will increase due to limited availability.  Production costs for Fluorescent lamps are on the rise due to the shortage of rare earth phosphors.  95% of all rare earth minerals needed for fluorescent lamps are produced in China. Their cost has increased approximately 300% in the last few months with costs expected to increase further in the next several years. All the more reason to schedule your T12 retrofit to T8 today.  The longer you wait the more expensive it will get.

What lamps are affected by the phase out?

● T12 4 foot and 2 foot U-lamps with medium b-pin bases.

- Majority of F40 and 34T12 lamps and all FB40 and FB34T12 U-Lamps.

- Exempt 2 foot lamps need to meet DOE requirement of 84 Lumens per watt.

- Exempt 4 foot lamps need to pass DOE requirement of 89 Lumens per watt.


● T12 8 foot Slimline with single pin bases.

- All 75 W F96T12 lamps.

- All 60 W F96T12/ES except for the 800 Series.


● T12 8 foot 800 mA HO with RDC bases.

- All 110 W F96T12 HO lamps.

- All W F96T12/ES/HO lamps.

Here’s another interesting statistic that might help with your decision to schedule a T12 retrofit to T8.  Approximately 30% of the entire stock of fluorescent lamps sold in the United States are currently using the T12 technology.  70% of all T12 fluorescent lamps will be phased out by July 2012.  Some rebates are still available.

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