Ultrasonic Pole InspectionUltrasonic Pole Inspection?  What is an Ultrasonic Pole Inspection?  An Ultrasonic Pole Inspection utilizes the latest technology to determine a poles condition from the inside out.  With age, poles begin to rust and corrode from the inside which cannot be seen during a visual inspection.  This could potentially have disastrous and costly results.   Moisture forms inside the pole that most often winds up at the pole’s base, causing multiple safety hazards.   Rusted light poles increase liability and can be a real safety concern.  Can you imagine if a pole falls on vehicles, property, or even a person?

An Ultrasonic Pole Inspection will determine the unknown by looking inside the pole with state of the art digital measuring equipment.  During our inspection, we can determine the amount of damage due to corrosion and rust within your light poles.  We will measure the thickness of the metal which determines whether the poles structural integrity has been compromised.  Let us find out if a pole should be replaced before it falls!  Poles that are inspected will be cleaned of any loose rust, dirt and debris and coated with rust inhibitor, slowing down the rust process from the outside of the light pole.  You will be provided with a full Ultrasonic Pole Inspection report which will include individual pole readings, pole data, maintenance concerns, recommendations, and more.  If there are any poles on your properties that are over two years old, we highly recommend that these poles be inspected and tested to keep all tenants and visitors safe.  The average cost to replace a pole after it’s fallen is three times the cost to replace it before it falls, not including property damage and liability costs.

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