Commercial Lighting Maintenance Ventura

Commercial Lighting Maintenance VenturaCommercial Lighting Maintenance Ventura.

For Commercial Lighting Maintenance Ventura, look no further than Horizon Lighting. If you are looking for Lighting Maintenance for the first time, or maybe wanting to make a change from your current lighting company, let us show you what we can do for you in terms of Commercial Lighting Maintenance Ventura. Horizon Lighting can customize a contract to suit your needs. Whether you need once monthly, twice monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly we can accommodate you. Although, we are best known for lighting maintenance, it is far from all that we do. Horizon is also a full service electrical contractor. We can help you with any type of electrical repairs, or install you may need. We are not only your Commercial Lighting

Maintenance Ventura Company, we are so much more. Here are just a few of our additional services.

● Electrical/Lighting Repair and Service ● Electrical/Lighting Construction ● Lighting and Consulting and Design ● Holiday/Special Events Lighting ● Lighting Maintenance ● Commercial Lighting ● Sign Lighting ● HOA Lighting

And more…

Horizon Lighting is a Southern California based family owned business with two generations of lighting and electrical experience. We are one of the fastest growing lighting and electrical maintenance companies in Southern California. We have recently added a Los Angeles location to take care of all of our customers in points North making us your Commercial Lighting Maintenance Ventura go to company! Here at Horizon, we take great pride in our quality of service. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We have over 1,000 accounts in areas including Orange County, Greater Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego. Horizon has competitive rates, expert technicians, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Please browse around our website for a full listing of our services, a beautiful photo gallery, informative videos and blogs and more. Sign up for our News Feed and stay in the know for all things lighting and electrical. Give us a call to speak with a representative to learn more. (877) Horizon


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Induction Lighting

Induction Lighting

Induction lighting is growing in popularity as an alternative to LED lighting for the budget conscious as it is about a third of the cost of LED lighting.  Induction lighting is an electrodeless lamp. A light source in which the power required to generate light is transferred from outside the lamp envelope to inside via electromagnetic fields.  Eliminating electrodes extends the life of the lamp due to the fact that electrodes are in large part the limiting factor in a lamps life.  At a 2,000 hour comparison, a 200 watt induction lamp has a greater lumen output than a 400 watt metal halide, or high pressure sodium lamp. Induction lighting produces very little heat and has an “instant-on” and hot re-strike, unlike most conventional lamps used in commercial-industrial lighting applications (such as mercury-vapor lamps, sodium-vapor lamps and metal halide lamps).   Induction lighting has excellent color rendition and does not flicker.  Induction Lighting can be used in any application that conventional lighting is used, such as…

●             Street Pole Lighting

●             Recessed Lighting

●             Wall Pack Lighting

●             High Bay Lighting

●             Garage Lighting

●             Carport Lighting

●             Bollard Lighting

And more…

Other benefits include a longer lifespan – between 65,000 and 100,000 hours depending on the lamp model and a cost savings of 35%-55% in energy costs for induction lighting as compared to other types of commercial/industrial lamps.  The maintenance costs are also very low due to the longevity of the lamp.  There is minimal mercury content meaning disposal of lamps is safe and easy.  Some might say that induction lighting is the industry’s best kept secret.  We would love to discuss with you the many benefits of induction lighting.

Please give us a call to speak with one of our representatives today! (877) Horizon

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LED Downlights

LED Downlights

LED can save 80% over incandescent lamps and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Installation is a breeze.  LED Downlights keep the lighting directed to a specific area whereas, fluorescent and incandescent lights emit light and heat in all directions which is far more costly and far less efficient.  LED downlights are a revolution in the history of down lighting.  An incandescent, or compact fluorescent bulb inside of a recessed can will waste approximately half of the light that it produces, while recessed LED Downlights produce light only where it’s intended.  LED Downlights have become much more affordable than they were a few years back because there are more manufacturers today which mean more product availability and as a result competitive rates.  There are many different types of LED Downlights available.

LED stands for light emitting diodes. LED Downlights come on instantly when turned on.  They do not flicker when dimmed.  The quality of color is excellent unlike those harsh fluorescent lights.  LED Downlights are ultra durable with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.  There is no UV radiation. They are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.  The movement of electrons through a semiconductor material illuminates the tiny lights sources known as LEDs.  LEDs are cool to the touch.  LED Downlighting is very easily installed and can be placed into existing recessed canned lighting, which makes a retrofit easy and convenient.

The main reasons for making the switch are:  Energy savings, energy efficiency, and longevity and cost savings.  Not to mention that they are easier on the eye and more aesthetically pleasing than the other options available. LED lighting is the way of the future.

Give us a call and let us discuss with you further the advantages to switching to LED Downlights.  We’d also be happy to meet you onsite and prepare a proposal for you.

Please don’t hesitate to browse around our website to learn more about all of our services at

Give us a call today! (877) Horizon

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Southern California Electrical Contractor

Southern California Electrical Contractor

Southern California Electrical Contractor.

Yes, Horizon Lighting is best known as a lighting company, but you can’t have lighting without electrical.  We are your premier Southern California Electrical Contractor.  We love it when you come to us with your Lighting Maintenance needs, but we can also handle your full electrical, as well.

Do you need to run power to an area that does not currently have it?  Maybe you need to boost your electrical capacity?  Let us talk to you about what we can offer as your Southern California Electrical Contractor.  We can also trench, install and run the backbone for new construction projects, as well as the full install of the poles and fixtures.  That is what sets us apart from your average lighting company.  We are one of the very few that can handle it all from full electrical install to then maintaining your properties lighting after completion.  From start to finish we are the Southern California Electrical Contractor to call for all of your lighting and electrical needs.  Having a large fleet of service vehicles and staff of highly qualified technicians means that there is no area in Southern California too far for us to reach.  Let us know how we can help you!  You may be thinking it’s far too early to consider holiday lighting, but now is the time.  We receive a large number of requests to run additional power to accommodate holiday lighting.  Communities are passionate about their holiday lighting.  Make sure you’re prepared to set up a beautiful display.  Take a look at just some of what we do.

Our services include:

Electrical Repairs and Installation

Monthly Lighting Maintenance

Ultra Sonic Pole Inspection

Energy Saving Systems

Pole, Bollard and Fixture Replacements

New Construction

LED and CF Lamps and Fixtures

Underwater LED Pool and Spa Lighting

Holiday Lighting

And more…

We would love the opportunity to discuss with you all of the reasons why we are your Southern California Electrical Contractor.  Give us a call today! (877) Horizon.



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T12 Retrofit to T8

T12 Retrofit to T8If you are still using T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts it is time to schedule a T12 retrofit to T8.

If you haven’t already heard, the T12 fluorescent lamp systems are being phased out.  The T12 lamp has unfortunately become outdated and is far less energy efficient than the T8.  There is good news however! After the T12 retrofit to T8, you will receive energy savings as high as 45% with a 1 to 3 year payback.

Because manufacturers will be phasing out production of T12 lamps, costs will increase due to limited availability.  Production costs for Fluorescent lamps are on the rise due to the shortage of rare earth phosphors.  95% of all rare earth minerals needed for fluorescent lamps are produced in China. Their cost has increased approximately 300% in the last few months with costs expected to increase further in the next several years. All the more reason to schedule your T12 retrofit to T8 today.  The longer you wait the more expensive it will get.

What lamps are affected by the phase out?

● T12 4 foot and 2 foot U-lamps with medium b-pin bases.

- Majority of F40 and 34T12 lamps and all FB40 and FB34T12 U-Lamps.

- Exempt 2 foot lamps need to meet DOE requirement of 84 Lumens per watt.

- Exempt 4 foot lamps need to pass DOE requirement of 89 Lumens per watt.


● T12 8 foot Slimline with single pin bases.

- All 75 W F96T12 lamps.

- All 60 W F96T12/ES except for the 800 Series.


● T12 8 foot 800 mA HO with RDC bases.

- All 110 W F96T12 HO lamps.

- All W F96T12/ES/HO lamps.

Here’s another interesting statistic that might help with your decision to schedule a T12 retrofit to T8.  Approximately 30% of the entire stock of fluorescent lamps sold in the United States are currently using the T12 technology.  70% of all T12 fluorescent lamps will be phased out by July 2012.  Some rebates are still available.

Please call us to schedule your T12 retrofit to T8 today! (949) 336-4336

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Ultrasonic Pole Inspection

Ultrasonic Pole InspectionUltrasonic Pole Inspection?  What is an Ultrasonic Pole Inspection?  An Ultrasonic Pole Inspection utilizes the latest technology to determine a poles condition from the inside out.  With age, poles begin to rust and corrode from the inside which cannot be seen during a visual inspection.  This could potentially have disastrous and costly results.   Moisture forms inside the pole that most often winds up at the pole’s base, causing multiple safety hazards.   Rusted light poles increase liability and can be a real safety concern.  Can you imagine if a pole falls on vehicles, property, or even a person?

An Ultrasonic Pole Inspection will determine the unknown by looking inside the pole with state of the art digital measuring equipment.  During our inspection, we can determine the amount of damage due to corrosion and rust within your light poles.  We will measure the thickness of the metal which determines whether the poles structural integrity has been compromised.  Let us find out if a pole should be replaced before it falls!  Poles that are inspected will be cleaned of any loose rust, dirt and debris and coated with rust inhibitor, slowing down the rust process from the outside of the light pole.  You will be provided with a full Ultrasonic Pole Inspection report which will include individual pole readings, pole data, maintenance concerns, recommendations, and more.  If there are any poles on your properties that are over two years old, we highly recommend that these poles be inspected and tested to keep all tenants and visitors safe.  The average cost to replace a pole after it’s fallen is three times the cost to replace it before it falls, not including property damage and liability costs.

Give us a call to schedule your Ultrasonic Pole Inspection today!  You’ll be glad you did. (949) 336-4336

Please visit our website at to find our more about our services.

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Commercial Lighting Maintenance San Diego

Commercial Lighting Maintenance San Diego  

Some of you may not be aware that we are also your go to company for Commercial Lighting Maintenance San Diego! We have been serving the San Diego area, as well most all of Southern California, since 1993.  Horizon Lighting has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. We are well equipped with a large fleet and a qualified team of experienced electricians to get the job done right the first time. Serving all of Southern California including Commercial Lighting Maintenance San Diego!

Although, lighting maintenance is our specialty, it’s far from all we do.  Give us as call if you are looking for lighting design and installation on a new construction project, or maybe you have a property that is in desperate need of an upgrade?  We can provide you with a complete community, or commercial property lighting overhaul.  It’s like giving your property a facelift and can add value.  Talk to us about product installations that are energy efficient and can save you money.  If you are thinking about incorporating LED lighting, we would love to help you with that, too.  Summer is almost here! This might be the time to look at underwater LED pool lighting.  If you are having electrical issues, or maybe need to get additional power to other areas of your property, let us offer you some suggestions.

Again, we are so much more than just Commercial Lighting Maintenance San Diego!

Feel free to visit our new website for a full scope of our services.  While you are there, take a look at our “View Our Work” page for a gallery of amazing photo’s and examples of our work.  Did I mention that we can also design and install your Holiday Lighting?

Horizon Lighting has the knowledge and the ability to get things right—the first time.  From emergency calls to property maintenance, you can count on us for fast and reliable service.  We sincerely hope you will call us for all your electrical needs.

We’d be happy to meet onsite to discuss your needs further for Commercial Lighting maintenance San Diego.  Give us a call today!  (949) 33-4336

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Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles


Horizon Lighting, your Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles specialists.  Hello Everyone.  My name is Ed Hunter, president and CEO of Horizon Lighting.  We are here in L.A. today, perched just below the ever famous Hollywood sign for a special announcement.


We are very excited to let all our new and existing customers know that we have just opened a new location right here in L.A. Horizon Lighting is now your Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles specialist.


This will not only facilitate our great customers in our Northern Properties like Oxnard, Ventura, Lancaster and Santa Clarita,  but will add a level of service to a 60 mile radius of L.A. like you have never seen before.  Making us the company to call for all of your Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles needs.

We are also pleased to announce the newest member to our team, born and raised right here in L.A. and taking the point at our new location--Mike Malone.  Mike has over 14 years of solid experience in the electrical and lighting industry.  Anything from trouble shooting electrical, to lighting maintenance and sign repair, Mike has the expertise to get it done right the 1st time.  We are very proud to have Mike on board and we look forward to many years of great service to come.

So hey L.A. (and for that matter all of Southern California), if you are one of those thousands of Commercial Properties that want better service— a great company you can depend on—and all at a low competitive rate, give us a call.  Let us show you what we can do.  You’ll be glad you did.  And thanks for stopping by.

If you would like to find out more about our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles services, contact us today!  Coming to a city near you…

Please feel free to browse our new website for more information on all of our services and areas covered.  We not only cover Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles, but we service all of Southern California!

(949) 336-4336

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Los Angeles


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Switch to the Astronomic Time Clock!

Astronomic Time ClockWith the battery back-up Astronomic Time Clock, you won’t be left in the dark.

It’s that time of year again.  Time to Spring forward.  This can be a busy time for managers as it means scheduling time clock changes at numerous properties.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a time clock that reset itself for the time change?  Well, it just so happens that there is.  It’s called an Astronomic Time Clock.  The Astronomic Time Clock adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings.  Set it once and it remains set for the next 50 years.  Additionally, your lights will power up on schedule once power is restored in the event of loss of power.  It keeps time digitally to the second even keeping accurate time after a power outage.  Each timer has a lockable enclosure to protect from vandalism and tampering.   The 7-Day Astronomic Time Clock features 7-Day programming to provide flexibility for applications where load switching differs each day of the week.  The program can be repeated on a weekly basis. Astronomic programming can be combined with independent programs to provide a sunset ON and timed OFF program.  The batteries are easily replaced in the field. Save your communities and commercial properties time and money by avoiding emergency calls to reset timers after a loss of power. We’d be happy to discuss with you all of the advantages of switching to the Astronomic Time Clock.

Right now, for a limited time only, we would like to offer you FREE LABOR on the installation of a new Astronomic Time Clock. That means all you will need to pay for is the timer itself.  We think this is an offer you can’t refuse! If you are currently using a standard time clock, you will need to schedule a technician to come out to reset it.  Why not use that time to replace your old time clock with the new Astronomic Timer..."Labor On Us"?  Give us a call today to schedule your “switch”!  (949) 336-4336

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LED Lighting

LED LightingLED lighting is just about the hottest thing going in terms of lighting today.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. The LED bulb is an energy efficient bulb saving 90% in energy.  One bulb can last upwards of 60,000 hours and beyond, whereas incandescent lamps last about 1,000 hours each. The cost is roughly $14.99 per bulb for LED Lighting as opposed to $40.20 (60 bulbs at .67 cents each) for the same life span in incandescent lamps. The electrical usage for LED Lighting over a 60,000 period is 78,000 KWh.  For incandescent it’s 36,000,000 kWh.  LED Lighting can be used outdoors for landscaping, or sidewalk lighting, indoors for household lighting, in and around pools and spas (underwater) and they come in many different colors.  The energy savings is the same for colored bulbs, or white bulbs.  LED lighting is also great for commercial and business applications and can save your company money.  They can be used in the interior and on the exterior of buildings and to light pathways and parking areas.  All LED Lighting products screw into standard sockets.  They also are cooler to the touch and generate very little heat.  Florescent lamps contain mercury which is a danger to health and the environment.  There is no filament in LED Lighting which can easily break and need replacement costing the consumer dollars.  LED is easier on the human eye than harsh fluorescents.  They do not flicker and are solid state control. LED Lighting is lead free, as well.  LED saves in labor costs for bulb replacements especially for large properties that have many outages often.  LED bulbs are plastic which will not shatter and cause a mess and possible injuries to people and pets.

As you can see, it’s no wonder LED lighting is the hottest thing on the market and we’re just getting started telling you all of the reasons why.

To learn more about LED lighting, or if you’d like a proposal to switch to LED, give us a call today!  (949) 336-4336


HOA Lighting - Bollard Lights

HOA LightingHOA Lighting – Bollard Lights

If you are thinking about upgrading and modernizing the look of your communities HOA Lighting, consider the installation of bollard lighting.  Does your community currently have outdated pole lighting, or globe lighting?  Bollard fixtures have a modern look and are not only functional, but light more efficiently and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Here are some other advantages to bollard lighting:


●             Keep invasive light out of residents windows and on walkways and pathways.

●             100% usage of light whereas globe fixtures use 25% in each direction.

●             Cement pad won’t get tipped, or vandalized.

●             30-40 year life expectancy on fixture.

●             Create a park like atmosphere.

There are many options of bollard fixtures to choose from for your HOA Lighting. They also come in a variety of materials to suit the overall look and feel of the community. Take a look at the many ways that lighting can enhance a property. Bollard lighting is not only a good choice for HOA Lighting, but it can also be an ideal option for Commercial Lighting at your commercial properties. Please take a look at our gallery page at for some photos and examples of bollard lighting installation we have done. We would love the opportunity to meet onsite and discuss what options best work for you.

With summer fast approaching, you may want to also look at converting your pool lighting to underwater LED lighting as a way to also enhance the look of your properties pool areas. LED pool lighting saves up to 80% in energy costs and has a normal payback period of 1.4 years. LED is also eco friendly and reduces your carbon footprint.  Long life LED’s last up to 10 times longer.

Give us a call. We’d love to talk with you about the exciting ideas and options for HOA Lighting!

(949) 336-4336

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Horizon Lighting on Lighting Maintenance

Lighting MaintenanceToday we’d like to discuss Lighting Maintenance.

Although, it’s far from all we do, it is one of our specialties.  Here at Horizon Lighting, we offer custom tailored Lighting Maintenance contracts to suit your needs.  Your Home Owners Associations or Commercial Properties can determine how often each property is serviced.  Contracts can be issued for monthly service, twice monthly service, bi monthly service, or quarterly service.  Also, you can decide what areas we cover.  Lighting Maintenance service is done in either the late night hours, or very early morning hours so that we can not only look for any outages, but so that we do not disturb homeowners, or tenants.  Our technicians are highly skilled, uniformed electricians in clearly marked vehicles.

Why is Lighting Maintenance important?  Keeping your properties well lit is a safety measure for trip and fall incidents and also deters against theft and vandalism.  People just feel more protected when the lights are on.  Well maintained properties save money in the long run rather than letting costly repairs build up.  Preventative maintenance keeps a small problem from becoming a large one.  We also check for other potential issues and hazards when it comes to the lighting and electrical on the property and can provide recommendations and proposals for repairs. What if you have an emergency issue between visits?  Horizon Lighting is available 24 hours, seven days a week for any emergency condition.  We have the fastest response time of any lighting maintenance company in Southern California.

In today’s economy we know that cutting corners and doing without lighting maintenance might seem like a good option.  You really can’t afford to go without it.  The potential cost in liability far exceeds any savings there could potentially be.  We are bonded, insured and skilled.  It pays to leave it to the experts.

We’d be happy to meet onsite to discuss your options and what type of Lighting Maintenance contract suits your needs.  Also, if you request your proposal through the “Contact Us” page of our website at, you will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a deluxe sound system for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

Give us a call today! (949) 336-4336

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Our Commercial Lighting Commitment

Commercial LightingHorizon Lighting is dedicated first and foremost to setting a strict standard of excellence in electrical and commercial lighting services that is second to none.  In so doing, we are committed to:

Assuring nothing less than the highest quality in service, workmanship and materials on every Horizon Lighting job.

Providing a level of customer service that is unsurpassed in the commercial lighting industry by responding to every customer’s needs promptly and professionally.

Upholding our integrity by operating our business in complete compliance with all federal, state and local laws. We also maintain all necessary licenses and qualifications to perform our commercial lighting and electrical services.

Maintaining a clean and professional image at all times, on the job site and in the office.

Ensuring consistency on every job by conducting all business in accordance with the guidelines and standards established by Horizon Lighting.

By maintaining this standard of quality throughout our years in business we’ve continued to grow and have become one of the premier commercial lighting companies, not just in Orange County, but all of Southern California.

Please talk to us about how we can use lighting to save you money in energy savings, or how lighting can be used to give your property a make-over by replacing older dated fixtures to more modern and efficient fixtures.

How about switching your standard time clocks to Astronomic Time Clocks that keep time to the second, adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings, self adjusts for Leap Year, keeps accurate time even through loss of power and more.

Find out how LED underwater pool lighting can give your pool a facelift and make it appear 10 years younger.  Save up to 80% in energy costs.  A normal payback period of 1.4 years.  Long life LED’s last 10 times longer.  They are Eco friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s an exciting time in the lighting industry!  We’d love to talk to you about commercial lighting and all we have to offer.

Give us a call today to discuss all of your Commercial Lighting needs (949) 336-4336.


LED Underwater Pool Lights

LED Underwater Pool LightsMy name is Ed Hunter, President of Horizon Lighting and today I’d like to talk to you about LED Underwater Pool Lights.

I had a conversation the other day with an old friend.  We talked about the “good old days” and how we could buy gas for $.l9 a gallon. It was a time when you could put $2.00 in your tank and drive all night. Those days may never come back again, at least at the gas pumps. But that kind of VALUE has emerged TODAY in the form of the LED lamp. For example, the new LED underwater pool lights use 45 watts rather than the standard incandescent at 500 watts, showing an energy savings of 90%. This new LED has a rated lamp life of 70,000 hours compared to the standard incandescent of only 2000 hours and a return on your investment of 14 months. These types of applications are becoming the biggest no brainer since the beginning of mankind.

Here are a few more facts about LED Underwater Pool Lights.

    Save up to 80% in energy costs

    Long life LED’s last 10 times longer

    Normal payback period of 1.4 years

    Eco Friendly, reduce your carbon footprint

    Make your existing pool look 10 years newer

LED Underwater Pool Lights are a way to give your existing pool a facelift very inexpensively and by doing so, will save your communities money in energy costs. It is a much more attractive and warm form of lighting that is pleasing to the eye. We’d be happy to have a representative meet you onsite to discuss options and for a consultation. There are many other forms of LED lighting we’d love to tell you about, too! 

Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.  (949) 336-4336. Also, take a moment to browse around our website at You'll be glad you did.

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Orange County Commercial Lighting Corporation Changes Names.

Orange County Commercial LightingOrange County Commercial Lighting corporation changes names.

January 1st, 2012, Orange County, CA Service 1st Lighting first recognized in1992; has grown from a small commercial lighting service division into a multi-faceted lighting and electrical corporation covering all of Southern California. Due to it's growth and the addition of various lighting and electrical departments, the corporation has changed its name to coincide with this new and exciting chapter. Starting January 1, 2012, the new name is Horizon Lighting, Inc. Even though the name is changing, Horizon Lighting Inc. will  stay dedicated its core values: Care for Excellence in Workmanship, Work with Integrity, and Respect  for Clients and Colleagues. Horizon Lighting has more than 1000 reputable accounts and is currently the fastest growing Orange County Commercial Lighting Company. The company specializes in the following fields: Commercial Lighting, Lighting Maintenance Services, HOA Lighting, Electrical Repair, and New Lighting Construction.

10 years prior Horizon Lighting Inc., formerly Service 1st had one truck and serviced only a ten mile area of Irvine, CA. Today Horizon Lighting Inc. employs 45 people, has 27 trucks and they service about a 75 mile radius of Irvine with 4 major divisions. Those divisions consist of Construction, Lighting Maintenance, Service, and Full Service Electrical. Also Horizon Lighting specializes in energy saving lighting and just about the hottest thing on the market, LED. The company today doesn’t resemble the company back then. Even though Service will at all times be its cornerstone, today Horizon Lighting Inc. offers a great deal more.  All of this is contributed to its valued and loyal customers.

To learn more about Horizon Lighting and it's name change, visit their website at  There you can view a video in which the owner, Ed Hunter discusses the new and exciting changes.

Horizon Lighting, Inc. 16590 Aston Street Irvine, CA 92606 Phone: (949) 336-4336 Fax: (949) 336-4337 Ed Hunter Lighting and Electrical Services

Your Orange County Commercial Lighting Specialists

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Commercial Lighting

Commercial LightingYour Commercial Lighting Specialists

Horizon Lighting (formerly Service 1st Lighting) is one of the fastest growing Commercial Lighting companies in Southern California.  We are family owned and operated since 1993.  Specializing in Commercial Lighting, Lighting Maintenance, HOA Lighting, Construction, Energy Saving Lighting, Holiday Lighting, LED Lighting and more.  When we began, we serviced about a 10 mile radius of Irvine.  Today we service all of Southern California including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and San Diego County.  We are proud of our success which is due to a high level of service and quality workmanship.  Offering full service electrical and construction divisions, we can take your project from the initial design and installation through a standard monthly Lighting Maintenance Service.   Who better to service your properties than the company that did the installation in the first place?

Our Commercial Lighting Maintenance contracts are customized to suite your needs.  Whether it’s once monthly, twice monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly let us put together a proposal that works best for you.  We’d be happy to meet onsite to discuss further how we can be of service.

Even though the Holiday season is so recently behind us, it isn’t too early to start thinking about Holiday Lighting for your commercial properties and communities.  The Holiday’s are such a busy time, it’s best to plan and schedule early.  We offer beautiful lighting and décor that give your property a warm and festive feeling.  Please take a look around our brand new website and view our photo gallery for images of our work and examples of our Holiday Lighting displays.

If you’d like to hear about how we can save you money through energy saving lighting options, give us a call.  We’d love to tell you about our LED lighting options including LED Pool Lighting.  Give your communities pools a newer, fresher look with LED Lighting.

As you can see, Horizon Lighting offers a wide array of commercial lighting options/services.  Please feel free to visit our interactive website at that includes video, beautiful images of our work, a full listing of all that we have to offer and blogs that are updated weekly to keep you informed of all the latest and greatest in the world of Commercial Lighting and electrical.  Be the first to know by signing up for our News Feed and receive e-mail notifications whenever we post a new blog.  Also, get exclusive special coupons and discounts offered only to subscribers.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Give us a call today!  (949) 336-4336

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Horizon Lighting Your Premiere Commercial Lighting Company for Orange County

Dear Valued Customer, As President of Service 1st Lighting since our inception in 1992, I have witnessed tremendous company growth over the last two decades.  We have grown from a small lighting service division into a multi-faceted lighting and electrical company covering all of Southern California.  Due to our tremendous growth and development into other areas of lighting and electrical, we have decided to change our company name to reflect this new and exciting chapter in our company’s history.  Starting January 1, 2012, our new name is Horizon Lighting, Inc.

Although our name is changing, we will continue to remain steadfast in our core values: Care for Quality Workmanship, Work with Integrity, Respect for Clients and Colleagues.  Your continued commitment and loyalty to us is deeply cherished and valued.  In order to continue to give you and your properties the best service in the lighting and electrical industry, it is important that our customers know who to contact at our office with their new contact information.

Our office address, phone and fax numbers remain the same:

Horizon Lighting, Inc.

16590 Aston Street

Irvine, CA 92606

Phone: (949) 336-4336

Fax: (949) 336-4337

For service (including work orders), please contact:




For marketing and sales, please continue to contact your respective marketing and sales representative:

Catherine Gregory:

Ed Hunter:          

Joel Hunter:       

Benny Olander: 

Anthony Quitugua:

Keith Auerbach

For accounting, please contact Stacy Cate:

We look forward to continuing our valued business relationship into the future,

Ed Hunter, President                                                                                                                                         Horizon Lighting, Inc.

Horizon Lighting is your premiere Commercial Lighting Company.

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A Message From Horizon Lighting Inc.


Hello and welcome.  My name is Ed Hunter, President of Horizon Lighting, formerly Service 1st Lighting.  Over the last 10 years, we have experienced tremendous growth.  Ten years ago we had 3 people, 1 truck and serviced a 10 mile radius of Irvine, and of course we had no divisions.  Today we have 45 people, 27 trucks and we service about a 75 mile radius of Irvine with 4 major divisions. Those divisions consisting of Construction, Lighting Maintenance, Service, and Full Service Electrical We also specialize in energy savings and just about the hottest thing on the market, LED. Our company today doesn’t resemble our company then.  Even though Service will always be our cornerstone, today we are so much more. For the last year or so, we have been searching for a name that would encompass everything we do. A name that would vault us into 2012 and beyond. We have found that name.  We are proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2012, Service 1st Lighting will become Horizon Lighting. All of this has been brought about by you, our valued and loyal customers.  Without you, none of this would be possible and we thank you so much. We here at Horizon Lighting look forward to seeing all of you in the very near future and to tell you about all the good news in person.  Thank you and we’ll see you soon!

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Manager Appreciation Luncheon 2011


On December 12, 2011, we hosted our 1st annual Manager Appreciation Luncheon at the Balboa Bay Club.  From all of us here at Horizon Lighting, we’d like to say “Thank You” to all of you that joined us. To those of you that could not join us, we thank you, as well.    It is because of you and your loyalty that we continue to grow and succeed as one of Orange County’s premier Lighting Maintenance Companies, as well as Lighting and Electrical Contractors for HOA and Commercial Lighting.  We very much enjoyed the opportunity to show you our appreciation for your continued support and business.   It was wonderful to have a relaxing afternoon in the beautiful atmosphere of the Balboa Bay Club in your great company.  Getting to know you and hearing about the things that you enjoy, your families, etc. is priceless.  We pride ourselves on the relationships that we’ve built and we want you to know that you can count on us.  We know that you have a tough job and we are here to help you to get the job done.   Here is a little memento, a video montage of the photos from that day for your enjoyment.  Wishing you and yours all the very best this Holiday season.  To a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!  Thank you...

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Upcoming Lighting Events

July 26-27, 2012 - CACM Expo: 

CACM 21st Annual Conference & Exposition at the Disneyland Hotel & Convention Center.


September 11, 2012 CAI Mini Trade Show: 

Horizon lighting will be exhibiting at the Greater Inland Empire Chapter of CAI’s Mini Trade Show and Luncheon.  Be sure to stop by our table and to enter our raffle!  We’ll see you there! 

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