LED LightingLED lighting is just about the hottest thing going in terms of lighting today.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. The LED bulb is an energy efficient bulb saving 90% in energy.  One bulb can last upwards of 60,000 hours and beyond, whereas incandescent lamps last about 1,000 hours each. The cost is roughly $14.99 per bulb for LED Lighting as opposed to $40.20 (60 bulbs at .67 cents each) for the same life span in incandescent lamps. The electrical usage for LED Lighting over a 60,000 period is 78,000 KWh.  For incandescent it’s 36,000,000 kWh.  LED Lighting can be used outdoors for landscaping, or sidewalk lighting, indoors for household lighting, in and around pools and spas (underwater) and they come in many different colors.  The energy savings is the same for colored bulbs, or white bulbs.  LED lighting is also great for commercial and business applications and can save your company money.  They can be used in the interior and on the exterior of buildings and to light pathways and parking areas.  All LED Lighting products screw into standard sockets.  They also are cooler to the touch and generate very little heat.  Florescent lamps contain mercury which is a danger to health and the environment.  There is no filament in LED Lighting which can easily break and need replacement costing the consumer dollars.  LED is easier on the human eye than harsh fluorescents.  They do not flicker and are solid state control. LED Lighting is lead free, as well.  LED saves in labor costs for bulb replacements especially for large properties that have many outages often.  LED bulbs are plastic which will not shatter and cause a mess and possible injuries to people and pets.

As you can see, it’s no wonder LED lighting is the hottest thing on the market and we’re just getting started telling you all of the reasons why.

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