Astronomic Time ClockWith the battery back-up Astronomic Time Clock, you won’t be left in the dark.

It’s that time of year again.  Time to Spring forward.  This can be a busy time for managers as it means scheduling time clock changes at numerous properties.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a time clock that reset itself for the time change?  Well, it just so happens that there is.  It’s called an Astronomic Time Clock.  The Astronomic Time Clock adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings.  Set it once and it remains set for the next 50 years.  Additionally, your lights will power up on schedule once power is restored in the event of loss of power.  It keeps time digitally to the second even keeping accurate time after a power outage.  Each timer has a lockable enclosure to protect from vandalism and tampering.   The 7-Day Astronomic Time Clock features 7-Day programming to provide flexibility for applications where load switching differs each day of the week.  The program can be repeated on a weekly basis. Astronomic programming can be combined with independent programs to provide a sunset ON and timed OFF program.  The batteries are easily replaced in the field. Save your communities and commercial properties time and money by avoiding emergency calls to reset timers after a loss of power. We’d be happy to discuss with you all of the advantages of switching to the Astronomic Time Clock.

Right now, for a limited time only, we would like to offer you FREE LABOR on the installation of a new Astronomic Time Clock. That means all you will need to pay for is the timer itself.  We think this is an offer you can’t refuse! If you are currently using a standard time clock, you will need to schedule a technician to come out to reset it.  Why not use that time to replace your old time clock with the new Astronomic Timer..."Labor On Us"?  Give us a call today to schedule your “switch”!  (949) 336-4336

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